Better Decisions, Enhanced Performance

Our pharmaceutical and medical device clients are at the cutting edge of using real-time big data analytics to improve their management and business performance

Clear and actionable insights
Dynamic and responsive management

Major shifts are occurring


66% of marketers at medium to large pharma firms rated big data as their top perceived opportunity

(Source: MM&M/Guidemark Healthcare Marketers Trend Report)

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CIOs put Business Intelligence and Analytics as their Number 1 priority

(Source: Gartner: CIO Top 10 Technology Priorities 2016)


44% of pharma leaders said one of their top priorities for 2017-18 is “to upskill our analytical capabilities”

(Source: TGaS Advisors Landscape Study)

Everything in one place

The best performing companies break down silos.

Management sees integrated real-time information that allows better, quicker, more informed decision-making

Actionable information:
when you need it, wherever you need it

Our job is to convert complex pharmaceutical data in multiple forms, from multiple sources, to clear, quick to assimilate information readily available on any device for better decisions.

Our own proprietary market data sources enhance existing internal information and other external sources to provide clear market and business insights.

Transforming data into business performance

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